A History

Powerlifting in Singapore

Powerlifting Singapore was founded by Mr Tan Say Yong, a Singaporean who competed in a California state championship in 2009 while he was working in the United States. When he returned, his passion and keen interest in this sport were further fuelled after meeting after Mr Tom Liaw, president of the Singapore Weightlifting Federation (SWF), who is also a keen supporter of powerlifting.

With the help of SWF, Say Yong and a small group of volunteers formed the Powerlifting Singapore group and organized the 1st local powerlifting meet in 2011, The Singapore National Open 2011. Although done on a very small scale with only 13 participants, this inaugural meet sparked interest from keen sportsmen in the local strength community, thereby kickstarting the birth of the powerlifting community in Singapore.








The growth of the community

From 13 to 30, and many folds today

From this small and humble interest group in 2011, Powerlifting Singapore continued to hold SPO12 (Singapore Powerlifting Open) and SPO13, where national records were being broken year on year.

Today SPO has become an annual national sporting event in Singapore which attracts participants and spectators from all parts of Singapore and as well as the neighbouring countries, such as East and West Malaysia, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and even the USA and UK. In 2013, powerlifting caught the attention of a home grown gym, The Gym Nation, and in preparation for the SPO13 event, The Gym Nation organized a try-out which unexpectedly drew strong interests from the local community. A total of 30 individuals signed up!

Powerlifting Singapore is registered

Where we stand today

Powerlifting has come a long way to date with the immense hard work of a group of individuals with common interests and goals. We were officially registered as a society in 2012, became affiliated with the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and the Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF) in 2014.

As of 28 June 2014, Powerlifting (Singapore) has also officially endorsed and adopted Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) drug control policy and regulation as our own. This partnership will take this sport even further in always ensuring a fair playing field for all, on and off competition. Powerlifting (Singapore) will be committed to this program and will invest resources in doping control and education in the local powerlifting scene.


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