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The inclusive, drug-free strength sport for all.

Our Organization


Powerlifting Singapore is a not-for-profit devoted to growing the sport of Powerlifting, through educational events and sanctioned competitions that provide a platform for athletes of all levels to compete at a high standard, by ensuring fairplay amongst all athletes, and by upholding the high standards of competition of the IPF, through fair and good refereeing. Our competitions also serve as qualifiers for Powerlifting athletes to compete at an international level.

Powerlifting Singapore began in 2011 as a small interest group based out of the Singapore Weightlifting Federation, and a competition was held in 2011 with just 13 athletes competing. Today, Powerlifting Singapore holds 3 national competitions annually, and has over 400 active athletes training for the sport, some of whom compete at a high level at regional and international competitions, earning accolades, medals, world records, and international recognition along the way.

Our History


Our Mission:

Growing Powerlifting and Strength Sports as a nation


Powerlifting Singapore is an inclusive community, welcoming people from every strength discipline and all levels of experience who seek a deeper understanding and mastery of the sport of Powerlifting. We believe passionately in the importance of strength training to build a healthier and stronger society, and ultimately, a better aged population that is more physically mobile and independent. At Powerlifting Singapore, we are building a community of curious athletes and coaches who seek continuous improvement, drawing knowledge from the world and the nation’s most experienced athletes and coaches, through engagement with different ideas, practices, methodologies and scientific evidence.

Every Powerlifting Singapore activity, from competitions to educational workshops, social project to online engagement, is driven by this goal: How can we further improve and grow the sport of Powerlifting in Singapore?

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