Starting a Club

Whether you are in high school, polytechnic, junior college, or university, we are here to help you kickstart your Powerlifting club. We can offer powerlifting clinics, link you up with the best coaches and advisors for your school, advise you on how to get your clubs registered and recognized by school administrations, provide events management consultations, help you reach out to our partner networks, and more.

Establishing Your Club

Administrative Help

The idea that leads to the name of the club, and the eventual birth of the club is the exciting part. But beyond that, how do you get recognized, if it is a possibility? 

What else do you need to do? We are here to help you with the direction, sitting down with your teacher or staff advisor in-charge, and backing you up to establish 

yourselves as an official school club and Powerlifting Singapore affiliate! Take it a step further, and grow the community as you enjoy the sport you love.

Growing the Community

Marketing Help

Now that you have gotten the buy-in from the school administration, and you need to reach out to the student body, and get them to join you. How are you planning to 

do that? Education and Outreach is a huge part of growing a community. Getting people excited about what you want to do is just the first step. Take off 

with a basic starter kit from us, to help you market your ideas. Consider different launch pads using existing resources, and figure out how you want to keep it going.

Competing as a Team

Competition Help

So you have been training for a while, done a full strength cycle perhaps, and you want to get out there and compete. Which competitions should you go for? 

Sanctioned or novice? We stay up to date with the latest events in the community so that you don’t have to. Whether they are sanctioned meets, novice meets, or 

varsity group friendly competitions, we help you get started, provide free clinics to equip you with the knowledge, so that you don’t run afoul of competition rules. 

Get the Show On

Events Help

Want to showcase what your club is doing together? This is an opportunity for you to get more members, and to garner more interest in the club. Whether it’s an activity demonstration, a student club recruitment

event, a beginner’s workshop, or even your very own community novice powerlifting competition, we can help you get started and set you up with the correct committee member within Powerlifting Singapore, for

a mentorship that will help you get the show on the road. We give you the tools and help you use them, we set you up with our partners, so that every member of your club can benefit from it.


Grow Your Club

A club is no fun with just two or three individuals. Set a direction for your club, grow the community, have friends to train with, compete with together, and spread your love for the sport! Huge task? We know, and we are here to help!

Don’t call it a dream. Call it a Plan.

Some people dream of success, other people get up every morning and make it happen.

take the first step

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