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Powerlifting in Singapore is a growing sport that sees many new participants in each competition held over the years. While there are competitors with coaches and friends who have offered to help as meet day coaches, there are still those who are relatively new to the sport with minimal understanding of the game day dynamics.

In view of this situation, Powerlifting Singapore launched a new pilot program at SPO 2019, to have a pool of experienced coaches that meet a specific set of professional criteria. This program showed much success, and participants were able to meet their goals with the assistance and guidance of the platform Coaches from Powerlifting Singapore.

At TPC 2019, we will be offering the same services. Platform Coaches will be available to assist newcomers, to improve overall meet experiences for all participants, and also create a more conducive environment in the warm-up room that does not obstruct the performance of others.

Our Coaches are:

Powerlifting Singapore members who have good track records as Athletes and Coaches. They are of good standing in the IPF and Powerlifting Singapore records, and are regular volunteers at our local events. They also have at least 2 years’ experience of coaching/handling athletes.

Our Coaches will be giving their time and experience pro-bono to all Athletes who require a Platform Coach.


who can request platform coaching?

All Athletes are eligible to request for a meet day Platform Coach to assist them for the duration of the competition. However, assignment of the Platform Coach is subject to the schedule and availability of our pool of Coaches. Multiple Athletes may be assigned to a single Coach, for a session. Should the response to this pro-bono community-driven initiative be highly in demand, priority of Coach assignments will be given to first-timers in the sport.

how will my platform coach help?

Prior to meet day, you will be meeting with your assigned Platform Coach to discuss your meet day. Based on their experience and your goals, your Platform Coach will formulate the best game plan for you. Besides assisting the Athlete in weigh-ins and opener attempt submissions, your assigned Platform Coach will also assist you in the warm-up room, and in your subsequent attempt submissions. They will guide you through the process of competition day, and reinforce rules and etiquette where necessary.


coaching community

The Powerlifting Singapore coaching community is here to volunteer their time for all Athletes. No Athlete should feel lost on meet day, and it is our goal to ensure that all Athletes have a smooth competition experience, which will ensure that other fellow Athletes also enjoy a good experience in the warm-up area and on the platform. Our inclusive community invites and welcomes all newcomers.


waiver of liability of coaches

Your sport performance on your competition day is your responsibility, and is subject to many factors not within your nor your Platform Coach’s control. Our Platform Coaches are there to advise and to assist; however, they are not liable for any outcomes at the competition, nor can they be held responsible for any physical harm and risk that you place upon yourself when you participate in this competition.



All Athletes are to advised meet with their assigned Platform Coaches before competition day.


Athletes are advised to prepare their own warm-up sheet with listed attempt selections prior to the meeting. The Platform Coach assigned to you with may advise you based on their own experience, but you are definitely in control of any decisions you want to make.


Request for Help from one of our Platform Coaches

Powerlifting Singapore’s Team of Platform Coaches

Clinton Lee

Atlas Training Protocols


Marcus Yap

Coach By Marc


Mahavira Sng

R┼Źnin Strength Co.


Jonathan Chua

Prime Athleticus


Daphne Maia Loo

Strength Avenue


Adam Jones

The Barbell Movement


Dylan Soh

Powerlifting Singapore


Jonus Ong Pang Wee

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